Airtable Script Showcase

The Airtable team has kindly collected some of their favorite examples, both internally and from the community, to help demonstrate what's possible and give other script authors a place to get started fast.

What is sripting?

Scripting lets you write short scripts to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and uncover deeper insights with advanced queries and custom reporting.

Determine a list of duplicate records with custom logic to identify and merge duplicates

Determine a list of records that don't satisfy a custom constraint or validation rule (e.g. each person may only have up to 3 active tasks assigned to them)

For each record in a view, compute a value based on the other cells and write the result to an output field

Prompt the user for the name of a new project, then automatically create the relevant project and task records

To get started building a script on your own, you'll need a basic understanding of JavaScript. We recommend you use one of our example scripts as a starting point for your own script or checking out the community forum for inspiration.

  We also have scripts available in the Marketplace that you can install directly into an Airtable base. If you're interested in submitting a script to be considered for inclusion in our Marketplace, read more here.

  In your script, you can use anything from the JavaScript standard library, except for DOM APIs that interact with HTML on the page. The scripting app also comes with Airtable-specific classes and methods for accessing and updating data in your base, as well as for user input and output. To learn more about what's possible, explore our API reference.

Shared by Stephen Suen from Airtable, maintained by Pory 🍷